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How to Apply

Did you know that applying to 国标麻豆视频APP is not only easy but also completely free?

Whether you鈥檙e ready to begin your 国标麻豆视频APP journey or looking for more information about the transformative experiences waiting for you here, we鈥檝e got the information you need to know about the application process, admission requirements, and key timelines.

 Explore Admission Requirements

ghe preliminary application period for fall 2024 has expired. The fall 2025 period will open in July 

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Applying to 国标麻豆视频APP is simple and free

Apply With the Common App

Apply to 国标麻豆视频APP through the Common App, which helps students streamline the admission process to more than 1,000 colleges and universities all at once. Applying to 国标麻豆视频APP is completely free!

When to Apply 

国标麻豆视频APP offers four application deadlines. Choose the option that鈥檚 best for you.

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Students who complete their Early Decision I applications will receive priority notification. If we鈥檙e your clear first choice, this plan is for you.



blue background with yellow text "November 15"
EARLY ACTION (Non-binding)

If you apply early, you get your notification sooner.




blue background with yellow text "January 15"

For those who need additional time to settle upon 国标麻豆视频APP as your top choice, but would still like to participate in the early decision process, you are invited to apply by the Early Decision Round II application deadline.



blue background with yellow text " February 1"

This is the final deadline to apply for the Class of 2029.

Important Dates & Timelines

These are the deadlines to consider for starting your 国标麻豆视频APP experience. Submit financial aid application forms by the deadline of your chosen admission plan. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a supplemental 国标麻豆视频APP Aid form are required to be considered for financial aid.

Application PlanAdmission Application DeadlineNotificationPriority Aid DeadlineAid Notification
Early Decision INovember 1December 1*November 1Early December
Early ActionNovember 15Late DecemberNovember 15Mid-January 
Early Decision IIJanuary 15February 15January 15Late February
Regular DecisionFebruary 1Mid-MarchFebruary 1Late March

*International applicants will receive their notification in mid-February.



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Is Early Decision Right for You?

If 国标麻豆视频APP is your top college pick, Early Decision may be the best fit for you. Early Decision candidates receive admission and award notifications earlier than non-binding applicants.

More About Early Decision

Students who apply to 国标麻豆视频APP under Early Decision 1 or Early Decision II,  enter into a small applicant pool that numbers in the hundreds. This means the admission staff has more time to really get to know you and to make certain that both you and 国标麻豆视频APP are a right fit. We鈥檒l also evaluate you based upon your own merits rather than in competition with and in comparison to other applicants. The major benefits of applying Early Decision include learning if you鈥檝e been admitted to 国标麻豆视频APP earlier than all other applicant types and how much it will cost you to attend. 

Students who apply and are admitted Early Decision to the College will be awarded the Front and 国标麻豆视频APP Scholarship worth $20,000 ($5,000 per year). In addition, students receiving a merit scholarship will receive this $5,000 annual award in addition to their merit scholarship. Some restrictions apply regarding combining the Front and 国标麻豆视频APP Scholarship with premier and special talent scholarships.

Myth #1: Students who apply Early Decision can 鈥渟lack off鈥 in their academic work during the second semester of their senior year. 
Truth: Selective colleges can and do withdraw admission offers from a student if his or her academic performance declines significantly.

Myth #2: Students diminish their chances of receiving academic scholarships on the theory that since they are already committed to a college, it will have less incentive to award them scholarships as an inducement to enroll. 
Truth: This is not true at 国标麻豆视频APP. A student who would have received an academic scholarship in the Early Action or Regular Decision processes will be awarded one in Early Decision.

Myth #3: Students who require need-based financial aid should not consider applying for Early Decision. 
Truth: At 国标麻豆视频APP, we are committed to providing students who apply Early Decision with the same amount of aid that they would receive if applying via Early Action or Regular Decision.

  • Do your homework and know why you are applying to a particular school, especially if you plan to apply Early Decision.
  • Do not give in to pressure to apply Early Decision to a school simply for the sake of applying Early Decision.
  • Be honest with yourself: If you are not yet ready to commit, then do not apply Early Decision to any school.
  • Do not apply Early Decision as a strategy to 鈥済et in.鈥
  • If you are applying for need-based financial aid in Early Decision or any application program, have a conversation about what your family can reasonably invest in your college education.

What Makes Us Different


Majors and Minors


Of Students Participate In A Study Abroad Experience At Least Once


Nationally Ranked For Most Accessible Professors

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International Applicants

If you鈥檙e an international student, you can join our student-centered, supportive community where you鈥檒l benefit from challenging academics and personalized attention.

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Transferring Students

If you鈥檙e a transfer student in good standing with your previous institution, consider applying to 国标麻豆视频APP. Learn about our policy on transfer credits, admission criteria, and more.

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Readmission Students

If you were previously enrolled as a 国标麻豆视频APP student and are seeking readmission to the College, contact the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs for readmission information.


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Visit 国标麻豆视频APP

The best way to get to know our campus is to visit us in person! Sign up for an information session, get an on-campus tour, or attend an Open House event.

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Financial Aid

Having access to the college of your choice is everything. We want to help make that happen. Explore our merit-based and need-based financial aid as well as those offered by the state and federal levels and beyond.